John B. Minor, Communications Expert

CSFI  - Cyber Warfare Division DCOE, CCE, CSA, CSE, CNE

John B. Minor is an independent researcher/author/inventor/analyst with diverse interests in technology companies and public service, having served in corporate and government leadership roles. He has over 39 years of experience in the communications field that began with the founding of a technology and communications company in 1981. Mr. Minor’s leadership, investment and experience, ranging from boardroom to technologist, has focused on cutting edge communications and computing technologies. In 1993, Mr. Minor formed Radlinq Corporation within which he designed and marketed an early industrial wireless router product. In 1996, Mr. Minor founded The Technology Education Center & Prometric Certification Testing Center, providing technology and communications certification training & testing for civilian and military.

Mr. Minor is a senior lifetime voting member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) including Communications, Antennas and Propagation, Photonics, Signal Processing, and Intelligent Transportation Systems Societies, a voting member of the American Society for Testing and Materials E30 Forensics standards group and a voting member of the Internet Engineering Task Force standards group ( He was trained by the Department of Defense and certified in 2017 by the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (, Cyber Warfare Division, as a Defensive Cyber Operations Engineer (DCOE) and assigned as a subject matter expert on undisclosed special projects related to communications interception/disruption. Mr. Minor holds numerous certifications.

Mr. Minor's noteworthy achievement is as an original investigator in applied research fields related to Mobile Network sourced data used as digital evidence in civil, criminal, and patent infringement litigation. Major accomplishments are peer reviewed publication as the primary author of multiple articles published in a refereed journal and a patent award. He is recognized as a major stakeholder in the Forensic Cell Site Analysis discipline, having been tasked as a peer reviewer of research by other stakeholders.

Mr. Minor has been retained by both prosecution and defense as an expert, performing analysis and reporting in over 200 murder cases. He is regularly retained in a variety of civil litigation including intellectual property, trade secret theft, personal injury, and patent infringement.

The Technology Gain-of-Function Curve cost savings discovered by Mr. Minor in 2013 has resulted in significant verdicts and settlements.

Mr. Minor teaches communications interception/detection/disruption tradecraft and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) at both the CTSC Canada and the Espionage Research Institute International conferences since 2015. His presentations include “The Future of Spectrum Analysis - The Evolutionary Impact of 4G/5G eNodeB / gNodeB on Mobile Network Signals in Forensic Mobile Network Analysis Protocols”, “The Emerging 5G Standard: The NR Technology Impact on TSCM Inspection Protocols”, “Signals System 7 Remote Interception Disruption Countermeasures”, “The Impact of The Evolution from Circuit Switched to Packet Switched Communications on Eavesdropping Detection”, “Adding a Remote Network Probe for Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM), An Overview”, "A Quantum of Solace - An Introduction to Photonic Intercept Tradecraft - Essential Tools for Detection & Mitigation", "Ghosts & Gainers - Photonic Intercepts - A Primer on How to Read & Interpret an OTDR Trace", “One Step Ahead: Tapping the Worlds Photonic Networks”, “Detecting and Mitigating Cellular Carrier MITM Intercepts” and others. He was bestowed the 2019 Espionage Research Institute International Conference Glenn H. Whidden Award for Excellence, best presentation, for “Under the Radome - 4G/5G MIMO & Multi-Band Antenna Technology - Mobile Network Signals Analysis & Forensic Mobile Network Analysis”. (  

In March 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Washington, D.C., affirmed the jury verdict and award of $30 Million, in the Prism Technologies LLC, Plaintiff-Cross-Appellant v. Sprint Spectrum L.P., dba Sprint PCS, Defendant, patent infringement and damages case based on the Court's declaration that the trial testimony of John B. Minor correctly interpreted the scope of the claims and that his considerable experience adequately qualified him to opine on damages. 

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