- ​US Army Intelligence and Security Command

- MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

- Harvard University

- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

- Purdue University

- Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

... and other higher education institutions around the world.

Leading edge science and techniques, patented methodologies, and proven work product results provide your litigation team with case breaking analysis solutions.

Peer reviewed research publications, Mobile Network Operations related patent awards, and extensive technical insight into communications technologies offer an unsurpassed reliability level.

John B. Minor has been teaching 5G standards and updating key stakeholders regarding the 5G service rollout for the past three years.

Forensic testing of 3G-4G-5G Mobile Networks is available. Connected mode "User Experience" testing provides real answers.

​​​​Expert and major stakeholder in the Forensic Cell Site Analysis and Mobile Network Evidence fields.

Optical Network, Backhaul Network, Internet Network, and Communications Technology Expertise.

Voting member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and ASTM International standards groups.

​Longstanding Certified Digital Forensics, Steganography, Cell Phone Forensics, Internet & Mobile Network Communications Forensics practitioner.

Peer-reviewed research publications in the Forensic Cell Site Analysis field.


mobile/cellular network expertise

5G Forensics

Litigation Expertise Areas

Forensic Location Analysis Experts

- DoD Network Information Center         
- National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST.gov)
- US Department of Justice
- FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)
- US Federal Courts
- Espionage Research Institute International

In today’s litigation environment digital evidence is pervasive and communications networks are more complex than ever before. A team member with high-order technology and communications network subject matter expertise is essential. Anyone aspiring to provide expert opinions regarding complex cellular network functionality, to conduct electronic evidence reviews, or to track communicating cellular devices or otherwise render expert opinions regarding common activities such as email and texting must possess communications technologies expertise. Training and depth of experience have led to my participation as an expert in a diverse variety of projects and travel to over 50 countries and 48 of the United States of America.

Expertise challenged and upheld up to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Washington, D.C. 

Extensive experience with litigation teams on a variety of forensic evidence subject matter areas from US Securities and Exchange Commission  investigations to complex Federal Court cases including:

  • Patent Infringement, Validity, and Damages
  • Technology Evidence related cases including Snapchat, Facebook, Google, and other Apps
  • Civil Wrongful Death or Injury
  • Criminal Murder, Robbery, Hacking
  • Federal RICO, Trafficking, Conspiracy
  • ​Stored Communications Act Violations
  • Text Message & Call Traffic Analysis
  • Testing & Analysis of App Activity
  • ​Habeas Corpus & Appeal Cases
  • ​High Profile Cases

Communications Expert - Forensic Cell Site Analysis of Mobile Network CDR/CSLI Evidence

Forensic Location Analysis - Google - Social Media - Exercise & Workout Apps

Primary Practice – Forensic Cell Site Analysis with CDR/CSLI Evidence & Forensic Location Analysis with

Digital Location Evidence Including Google Locations, GPS Evidence for Civil & Criminal Cases.

Applied Field Research Recognized in 88 Countries and Reviewed by: